Doing It Differently

A breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most challenging experiences a woman can face in her lifetime. The turbulence it causes ripples through her life and the lives of all those who love, care for, and depend upon her. Suddenly, all her attention and energy must be directed toward her own survival and recovery. Shouldering this burden can be crushing, but not if she does it differently. What does doing it differently look like? Breast cancer survivor Patryce Sheppard guides newly diagnosed women through the many stages—what she terms the dots in the constellation from discovery through destiny.

Doing It Differently


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About The Author


A native of Chicago, Patyce Sheppard changed careers in 2012 when she relocated to Texas and began working in insurance. In July of 2017, she was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer after discovering a suspicious lump while performing a self-breast exam. During her treatment and recovery, which included chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, radiation, and further therapy, Patryce depleted the six months of savings she had set aside for emergencies. She discovered her life insurance policy had living benefits—an accelerated death benefit rider—and received support that allowed her to continue her treatment without concern for bills and other expenses. She was able to concentrate on healing during the 18 months of treatment she received. The relief she experienced when she discovered the accelerated death benefit rider—and the time it afforded her to focus on healing and reflect on how she would like to contribute to the world after her recovery—led to a turning point in her life perspective and goals. She knew that when she was able to return to work, she wanted to help others experience what she was blessed to feel when she realized that, thanks to her insurance policy, she would be able to concentrate on her health and recovery without financial concerns.

After her recovery, she founded Faith in the Fight, an organization that supports and encourages women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, educates their loved ones on how to best support them in their treatment and recovery, and advocates for early detection of the disease.

Patryce has earned accolades for her dedication to activism on behalf of breast cancer support and awareness. In 2018, she received the Against All Odds award from Joy and Company (the Christian Literary Awards), the annual Survivor Award from Women with 20/20 Vision, and in 2019, she received the annual Rooted in the Community from Spirit of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She was also honored as the 2019 Advocate of the Year by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In addition, she holds speaking engagements around the country, sharing her story and advocating for breast cancer awareness and the benefits and possibilities of insurance policies. In June 2021, she won the 2021 8% Nation Conference competition for public speaking. In July 2021, she released her first book, Doing It Differently: An Empowering Approach to Thriving Through Breast Cancer, with an accompanying workbook and journal.

Her philosophy of life and career is authenticity, sincerity, and caring. She is dedicated to her faith, passionate about helping others, and directs her charisma and charm toward an unwavering effort to see the best in a situation while being ready for the worst. Patryce believes in recognizing challenges, but keeping a steady focus on goals, aspirations, and destiny. This perspective guided her through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and is what guides her now in reaching, supporting, educating, and advocating for people who can benefit from her knowledge, experience, and passion.

Patryce resides with her 19-year old son, Bakari, in Dallas, Texas.